The bedroom is often the last place people pay attention to when designing or renovating a home. Far too many bedrooms wind up being uninspiring boxes with little to no architectural details or features that make them stand out. A good bedroom or master suite is far more than just a room with a bed in it. Any well-designed bedroom should be functional and peaceful, which takes a lot more planning than you might imagine. Your bedroom should be a place where you enjoy spending time at the end of a long day. Here are some design features you should think about when designing a beautiful and functional master bedroom.

Storage: The number one feature that people look for in a bedroom aside from size is how much storage the room has. Having plenty of space for clothes, shoes, and accessories is a must have. While not everyone needs or wants a large walk-in closet, it is still important to have a place where you can keep your clothes neatly tucked away. Make sure your remodelling plan has enough room to keep all the clothes you own right now, as well as a bit of room to grow for the years to come. The more storage you have, the more attractive your bedroom will be at resale, provided the storage is well designed and doesn’t detract from the feel of your room.

Bathroom: No master suite is complete without an en suite bathroom. Having a private master bath is the best way to make your space feel more like a suite or retreat and less like just another room in your home. When it comes to home renovating, the master bath is one of the best places to splurge and spend a little extra money. It is easy to create a spa-like space in your home with a few simple upgrades such as a jetted tub or an oversized shower. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, choose basic but tasteful designs for most of the space, then spice it up with a few high end accent tiles. This will give you an expensive looking design without breaking your budget.

Windows and Lighting: A bedroom is all about creating the right mood and ambiance. It is important to have a room that is bright and sunny to help you wake up and feel refreshed in the morning. The right window treatments will help you to be able to let in as much or as little light as you want, for those days where you just really want to sleep in. Do not overlook the light fixtures in your bedroom, because they can really set the mood and feel of the room.

Decor and Design: Decor and design choices are highly personal. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Some people may love hardwood floors, while others may prefer the soft feel of a carpet under their feet. Successfully designing a master bedroom involves designing a space that makes both partners feel comfortable and at ease. Choosing neutral and classic design choices will prevent you from getting tired of your design within a few months. You can always spice up the look of the room with paint colours, window treatments, or accessories, which are easy enough to swap out when you want a different look.

Designing a master bedroom is all about making a room that feels good to you and meets all of your needs. Your goal should be to make a renovation plan that is a perfect blend of function and design.