Unless you live in a fairly modern, recently built home, you probably won’t know a lot about how your plumbing system is getting on. Yes, it’s working, and you know a bit about certain parts, but not many homeowners know the status of their water system. If there seems to be a bit of trouble, this might indicate a system overhaul, and you may need to call a Plumber in Armadale to discuss the benefits of installing a new plumbing system.

The Signs that your Plumbing System needs to be Replaced

Home catastrophes are unpleasant surprises, so it might be a good idea to know what signs to look for before you are confronted with a burst pipe.

Colour of Your Water – If your water supply through the tap starts to look a bit reddish or rust coloured, it might indicate some corrosion in the older pipes. That’s not something that can be ignored as that may lead to a burst pipe, and then you are looking at emergency plumbing repairs rather than a planned installation. Foul smells can sometimes detect deteriorating pipes due to rust or mold.

Colour of Your Pipes – If you can look under your home or check the material your pipes are made from. Older houses have lead, galvanized steel, and even cast iron. More modern homes are fitted with brass, copper and PVC. If your home is still operating using the older materials, it’s well worth getting a plumbing service to call in and check things over. Please note that any pipes with lead should be replaced anyway. Also remember that PVC has a lifespan of 20-25 years, so that means it doesn’t last forever.

Pipes that are Exposed – Homes that are more than 60 years old have a high probability of exposed pipes. Make sure the plumber checks these to note the condition.

Water Pressure – Low water pressure is solid hint that your pipes may be in need of repair or replacement. It can also mean that the system needs a pipe cleaner service to clear the drains and remove any clogs or backups. That’s a simple service that will go a long way towards extending the life of your home’s plumbing.

Leaking taps – While this isn’t a sign of major plumbing problems, leaking taps need washers replaced, usually. If the problem is not washers then you are looking at threads on taps or worn threads on the pipes. The worst part about leaking taps is the length of time we put up with it and no thought for the water costs.

That way there won’t be any nasty plumbing surprises. Take the opportunity to talk to a local plumber and you can address any concerns before they become major problems.