Every business loves receiving good reviews, and if you own or manage a landscaping business, we are sure you are no different. Part of this is surely the fact that,  in the internet age, consumers go online to research products, services, and businesses before making their decision about what to buy or who to call, which was not necessarily the case twenty or more years ago.

As such, you will find that many decisions to pick up the phone and call a landscaping business will be heavily influenced by the reviews that potential client discovers online. If your landscaping business does not have reviews, then it is likely going to be at the back of the queue, while those who have them are the ones who will be receiving the bulk of new prospects.

One of the prime locations online where you want to be reviewed is Google. This will specifically be within your Google Business Profile which you should already have set up. If not, then ensure you take steps to remedy that as soon as you finish reading this article. Your Google Business Profile is essential if you want your landscaping website – like martincuthbert.com.au to be able to be found on Google, where prospective clients can read your online reviews.

If and when you have your Google Business Profile set up, it is now time to seek those all-important reviews, but the question you might be asking is “How?”. For the answer to that question, continue reading, and we will explain how you can get reviews on Google for your landscaping business and why you should do so.

Why Request Google Reviews?

The reasons for wanting Google reviews include the following:

  • They will be seen on the most popular online search engine.
  • Research shows over 60% of consumers go to Google first when they start researching businesses.
  • Google reviews are one of the key factors when consumers decide which businesses to approach.
  • It can boost your SEO and, therefore, your website’s search engine rankings.
  • It sets your landscaping business apart from your competitors who have no reviews.

How To Get Google Reviews

There are several strategies that you can employ to urge clients to give Google reviews of your landscaping business. These include:

  • Emailing them asking ‘for a favour’ and requesting that they leave you a Google review at the link you provide in your email.
  • Create a Google review page on your website explaining how clients can post a Google review along with the link they require.
  • Ask for reviews on your social media.
  • Add a call to action at specific locations within your website, such as the footer or in a sidebar.
  • Call them by telephone and ask them.
  • Do so in person while you are at their property, having completed their landscape design.

What Not To Do When Seeking Google Reviews

The first mistake is not giving people the links to the section on Google where they can leave you their reviews. Another mistake, or rather, a colossal error, is to try to get fake reviews from people who have never been a client, such as your friends, family, or employees. Google can spot fake reviews, and if it discovers you have solicited and used them, your rankings could plummet.

How To Deal With Negative Google Reviews

It can be upsetting when you get a negative review but do not simply ignore it, as it will not go away if you do. Instead, reply to them and seek to discover what caused the problem. If you can rectify it, not only will people see that you are a business that genuinely looks after customers, but the person who left the negative review may remove it or change it to a positive review.

A final point to be aware of is what you can do if you suspect that someone, possibly a competitor, is posting fake, negative reviews about your landscaping business. You can flag these reviews and then complete a form that indicates to Google why you are flagging them. If you provide evidence that a review has not come from a genuine client but has instead been posted by a competitor, Google may delete it.