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7 Tips For Storing Clothes In A Storage Facility

7 Tips For Storing Clothes In A Storage Facility

Many of us organise the clothes in our wardrobes by season, such as sorting summer shorts and t-shirts from winter outfits; however, as the number of clothing items we have accumulates we can end up running out of space for our clothes, and that is when commercial storage can come to the rescue.

Commercial storage units is used for many reasons by both residential and business customers, and they provide an inexpensive and practical solution whenever you have limited space. By renting a storage unit, you can store items, in this case, clothes, safely and securely until you require them. In this blog post, we are going to provide you with seven tips on how to best use commercial storage to help you if you have more clothes than space allows for at home.

Tip #1 – Classify Your Clothing: No matter what season it is, there will be clothes that you are going to wear regardless. This can include underwear and clothes that you classify as required for work, such as shirts, blouses, and suits. You should therefore separate everyday clothes or clothes that are suitable for the current season from those which are ‘out of season’ that you know you will not be wearing in the near future and are therefore going to put into storage.

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Nitrogen for Lawn Care – Do I Need it

Nitrogen for Lawn Care – Do I Need it?

For many people, the extent of their lawn care is making sure they mow the lawns from time to time. Though, have you ever wondered whether it needs more than that?

A quick look through your local garden centre will reveal an abundance of products for lawns to keep them healthy. One of the most prominent ones tends to be nitrogen.

Nitrogen promotes healthy leaf and root growth and can be one of the many ways to give your lawns a new lease on life. If you’ve noticed that your grass is yellowing or thinning, then it might be time to give nitrogen a try.

When to Add Nitrogen to My Lawn

You might think your grass could benefit from nitrogen at any time, but there is a time of the year that is best suited for its application.

When your grass is growing fast in summer and spring, it is more capable of absorbing nutrients. Therefore, once the soil starts maintaining temperatures above approximately 14 degrees, it’s the perfect time to add nitrogen.

You’ll need far less nitrogen in autumn as the mercury drops and almost none at all during winter. In fact, nitrogen application in winter can open the doors for disease and leaf burning.

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Good Office Plumbing

The Importance of Good Office Plumbing

Although you might not realise it at first, good office plumbing is essential if you’re starting a new business. There are numerous benefits associated with developing a strong, reliable plumbing system, especially if you’re working in an older building.

Now, it’s important to note with property maintenance that we always recommend using a professional plumber whenever you’re re-working your office plumbing systems. However, it can be hard to find the motivation to pay a plumber, especially if your drains seem to be working okay at the moment.

Because of this, we’ve put together a complete list of the reasons why strong plumbing is essential. Keep reading to find out more!

Good Plumbing Will Prevent Smells

If you’ve ever lived in an old house or worked in an office with poor drains, you will have noticed some awful smells from time to time. That’s almost certain, and unfortunately, it can be difficult to remove nasty odours from your drains once they have started.

Because of this, it’s important to ensure your office plumbing is in good condition from the beginning. Ensuring your drains are clear and free of blockages will prevent the build-up of foreign material, essentially eliminating the risk of bad smells.

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Fire Protection

How Often Should I Service My Fire Extinguisher For Optimal Fire Protection?

Workplace safety is an extremely important consideration in the modern world. In many cases, fire protection is up there among the most important aspects of workplace safety, mainly due to the unpredictable, dangerous nature of fires. A lot of people will argue that fire protection should include a fire action plan, an evacuation plan and a range of fire protection equipment – such as fire extinguishers.

It is essential to remember that you can’t just install fire safety equipment and then forget about it. Things like fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems need to be serviced regularly to make sure that they remain in good working order, and that they can be used quickly and effectively by everyone in the workplace.

Why Do I Need To Service My Fire Extinguishers?

Things like fire extinguisher servicing is very important as they do need to be maintained to a high standard. Fittings and seals can degrade over time, and the contents of an extinguisher can go bad eventually. Regular servicing by a trained professional will help to make sure that your extinguishers remain in working order throughout the year.

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Removalist Insurance

The Importance of Insurance When Working With Removalists

One of the best parts of working with removalists is that a majority of them around Australia have insurance policies. They offer insurance as a means of protecting you from any liabilities that might come about should any of your items be lost or stolen or damaged.

But not all removalists’ insurance policies are truly alike. Every team has its own rules for how to cover the risks associated with a variety of risks that are likely. These include rules about how certain items should be packed and stacked, and what is the best type of material for packaging.

The rules over what contents are covered by your insurance policy should be analyzed carefully. Look at how the rules relate to individual types of materials based on what’s on the manifest or inventory that you fill out.

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Buying Your Own Home?

Everyone needs somewhere to call home, a place of their own and whether you buy or rent, you want to be comfortable, safe and enjoy spending time there. While there are some people who prefer being on the move, living out of suitcases in hotel after hotel most people like to have a home of their own. It doesn’t need to be a mansion with a home lift – even if that is their own caravan, motorhome or live aboard boat, the common denominator is that it is theirs.

In some European and many Asian, African and Latin American countries, renting is more common than home ownership. Germany for example has only 42% of the population owning their own homes and countries like India, China, Argentina, Chile, South Africa have even fewer home owners. The tenancy laws in some of these countries often favour the tenant and ensure long term security in ways that make renting a far more attractive proposition than owning your own home. In others it is because there is a higher percentage of very poor people.

While tenants don’t have the ongoing expense of property maintenance and expenses such as rates or adding tenant requested items such as security alarms and doors and flyscreens, they also don’t enjoy the capital gains that accrue from property ownership. In these markets, rents are usually far less than mortgage payments and renters can invest their extra cash in various ways to make up for not having bricks and mortar behind them.

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Why you always need a good electrician

Have you noticed exposed wires or smoking electrical outlets at your home? Are you dealing with flickering lights, power outages or other problems that are keeping your business from operating as usual? Have you spotted electrical wires in water at any place in your home, your workplace or your industrial worksite?

If your answer to any of the preceding questions is yes, it may be time to call for the help of an experienced emergency electrician.

If you believe you have an electrical emergency, don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician. It is preferable to call for emergency help and have a false alarm than to leave an electrical issue unresolved. Some electrical problems, like exposed wires, wires in water or smoking outlets, can lead to fires, explosions or catastrophic personal injury or death. Quite simply, it is always worth it to call a professional electrician when you aren’t sure about the severity of an electrical problem.

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How to Take Care of Your Carpet

When home improvements are imminent we often forget about the carpet in the excitement of what is about to happen. Even when nothing is planned we tend to forget about the carpet and simply take it for granted. But if you have carpet that is still good, it is essential to care for it properly so that it lasts as long as it is supposed to. Here are some tips from Brilliance Cleaning to care for your carpet during home improvements or just generally – and both are important.

  • Protect your carpet from the extra dust and dirt that comes with home improvements by covering it up, or vacuuming it daily. Weekly is enough normally.
  • If you are painting the room, be sure to cover up all the carpet before you start. Don’t just cover half at a time in case paint gets on the bottom of your shoes. Anything is likely when you are painting.
  • If your dog has a special place on the carpet he like to sleep, place his doggy bed there and coax him into using that instead. It will save a patch of soil on the carpet as dogs scratch off dirt and dander and have oil in their skin that will all go into the carpet.

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