When home improvements are imminent we often forget about the carpet in the excitement of what is about to happen. Even when nothing is planned we tend to forget about the carpet and simply take it for granted. But if you have carpet that is still good, it is essential to care for it properly so that it lasts as long as it is supposed to. Here are some tips from Brilliance Cleaning to care for your carpet during home improvements or just generally – and both are important.

  • Protect your carpet from the extra dust and dirt that comes with home improvements by covering it up, or vacuuming it daily. Weekly is enough normally.
  • If you are painting the room, be sure to cover up all the carpet before you start. Don’t just cover half at a time in case paint gets on the bottom of your shoes. Anything is likely when you are painting.
  • If your dog has a special place on the carpet he like to sleep, place his doggy bed there and coax him into using that instead. It will save a patch of soil on the carpet as dogs scratch off dirt and dander and have oil in their skin that will all go into the carpet.
  • Have your dog’s toenails clipped regularly so they don’t dig into the carpet and damage it.
  • Provide a cat scratching post so the cat doesn’t decide to shred the carpet.
  • Vacuum more often if you have inside pets as their hair is always shedding, and it will go into the carpet.
  • Ask visitors to take off high heeled shoes as these are deadly for your carpet. They sink in and tear the fibres. They may even cause a run impossible to fix in looped pile carpet.
  • If you have a lot of visitors, keep a box of ‘inside’ shoes, socks and slippers for them to wear as bare feet and socks sweaty from joggers will also dirty up your carpet.
  • You could also keep a runner along the front of the sofa, which is a high traffic area. Even though some people think that runners on carpets wear them out, at least they keep the dirt off. Besides, they can’t wear your carpet any more than dirty joggers thumping up and down.
  • Keep mats at the entrance to all doors and train your children to wipe their shoes if they can’t take them off. Even just stepping on the mat on the way in will brush some of the dirt and debris off their shoes.
  • Have the carpet cleaned professionally at least every 12 months to ensure all the dirt and dust is removed properly.