Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes

Although your kitchen style comes down to individual preference, and there are certainly no hard and fast rules about what’s right and wrong, there are certainly some traits that are often thought of as undesirable when it comes to kitchen design. This is of particular significance to think about if you believe you may sell your home at some point in future, but also for practicality reasons. What may look good on paper or in theory, may not necessarily be practical in reality.

Large Islands
A kitchen island can be a great feature to have, but having it take up more space than required can be a mistake. Consider the practicality of cleaning a very large island where you literally have to walk around the entire perimeter to reach each part of it. Additionally, extra large islands can simply become junk storage areas, leading to a cluttered look. A kitchen island should be as big as it needs to be for basic food preparation and eating space, and fit comfortably in the space available.

Appliance Placement
Appliances can often be an after thought when you’re building a new kitchen or designing your old one. But where your fridge, dishwasher and other appliances go will have an impact on aesthetics and usage. The refrigerator in particular should be carefully considered, as the direction and space needed for the opening doors can become a hazard or space burden if not planned correctly.

Clashing Textures
There are so many great textures out there to select from for the various kitchen surfaces, but choosing too many different ones leads to a messy and tacky look. Make sure your textures either match or compliment each other so that they fit subtly into the design, rather than becoming the leading distracting feature.

There’s plenty that can go wrong with kitchen design and renovations, but also one opportunity to get it just right. By talking about your needs with a professional kitchen company, you put yourself in the best position to avoid any costly mistakes.