The hidden secret of the pools looking splendid are the exclusive pool finishes. The pool finishes have been divided into three types such as- Tile Finishes, Plaster Finishes and Aggregate Finishes. These finishes when installed can transform your backyard pool area into an exclusive party zone or a beautiful vicinity designed to relax and unwind after a long day.

  1. Tile Finishes: Tile Finishes are frequently used on the pool floor, the waterline or steps to achieve a vibrant look. A long-lasting pool finish, they come in a huge range of styles, shapes, sizes and colors making infinite designs possible.
  • By appearance, tiles are shiny and provide the pools a chic look
  • In comparison to other finishes (plaster or aggregate finish) they are the most long lasting finish that takes longer installation time.
  • Tile finishes hardly ever need a replacement when applied correctly
  • Maintenance required is minimal
  • They are the most pricey pool finish
  • Tile finishes comprise of Ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass tiles

  1. Tile Finishes: A regularly installed finish, plaster is the most ancient type of pool surface finish. It is formed by the concoction of Portland cement, water, and marble dust/silica sand.
  • White Plaster: This is a perfect pick to achieve a classic smooth look and thus is the most preferred among masses even to this date despite the innumerable new options currently available. Its lasts more than 6 years and is often mixed with dyes/colors to give pool surfaces more effect.
  • Medium Grey Plaster: This type of plaster gives the pool an attractive blue tint and has always been a favorite.
  • Dark Plaster: The pool depth is enhanced by the darker shades of plaster such as deep grey and black. This type of plaster is often used to give pools the look of a natural pond or lake. A spectacular effect is produced when the pool reflects the beautiful landscape surrounding the area.
  1. Aggregate Finishes: Aggregate finishes are a new-age pool finish that has taken the standard plaster pool surfaces a level ahead. This type of finishes basically comprise of white/colored plaster blended in the right proportions with small bits of granite, quartz, river stones, or glass beads. They are swiftly gaining popularity for their feature to make pools look luxurious while at the same time making the surface tough enough to resist chemicals that may cause staining. The aggregate finish can be custom blended and this feature attracts most people to install the aggregate pool finish and craft the most unique pool surface design.

Two types of Aggregate pool finishes are – Polished and Exposed.

  • Polished aggregate finishes comprise of colored stones (quartz, granite, marble) that are crushed finely. They give the pool finish a brilliant luster also extending it to last up to two decades. These are most apt for classic pool designs.
  • Exposed aggregate finishes include minute sizes of river pebbles or glass beads.