Some people may wonder if their home will be cool with Colorbond roofing. After all, it is thin steel sheeting and that may seem as if it will be hot. However, there are several reasons why this will not be the case. A Colorbond roof is indeed, quite cool and can even save you a great deal on the cost of cooling and heating over the lifetime of your home.

For a start, Thermatech Solar Reflectance Technology, the special technology that is now used when painting the colours onto the steel in the factory, actually reflects the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. There are only two colours that don’t do this; Colorbond stainless steel that is not painted at all and Night Sky, which is black.  And not many people would want to have a black roof, anyway. Even the other, darker colours reflect the sun’s heat well. When something reflects the sun’s rays, it also reflects the heat away from the surface, making it cooler.

This not only makes your home more comfortable, it saves on the cost of air-conditioning because there will be many days that you won’t feel the need for it. The cooling effect of Thermatech technology is a lot less in the winter because the sun is lower in the sky, changing the angle of the sun to the roof. Also, the days are shorter and often they are overcast, so your home remains warmer rather than cooler.

In addition, you can have flumes and e-vents installed that circulate the air and actually suck the hot air out of the ceiling cavity. These have been made especially for this type of roofing and so work well and are completely safe. The vent is constructed so that embers, leaves and insects cannot get in, but air can pass through, cooling your home.

Most homes these days have insulation in the ceiling and there is no reason why you should not also install insulation. This will help to keep the home even cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, being second in the line of defence after the roofing panels. Every home should have insulation, but it should be carefully installed to ensure there are no gaps anywhere.

Once these things have been attended to your home will be snug in the winter and comfortable on most summer days. Unless you feel the heat badly, you may only need the air conditioning for those days when the temperatures are scorching hot. Even then, the home will cool down quickly at night, so you should be able to switch off the air-con fairly early. With a Colorbond roof you can have peace of mind that your home is well taken care of and will last for many years.