Professional landscape design Perth have found recently, residential swimming pools are no longer a mere luxury commodity. Small homes and tiny backyards are also becoming ideal places to design and install a cozy and compact swimming pool. The key factor to be taken into consideration is the special arrangement of the home and its surroundings. Accordingly, a number of ideas can be put together to design your swimming pool effectively.

Some of the popular ideas have been collected and compiled by us, so you can benefit from them.

  • In-ground pools – Pools like these are designed to be exactly at ground level, and you can quite literally just walk into them. These pools can be created out of a number of materials like fiberglass, concrete or even vinyl. Adding trees and tall plants along its borders and edges can increase the mysterious look of the pool.
  • Indoor pools – If your home does not have a lot of outdoor space, but you would love to take a dip anyway, it is an ideal plan to move your dream pool inside your home. Indoor pools are the answer in such situations. Besides, you can enjoy long hours in the water without the worry of being exposed to too much sunshine or harsh weather conditions.
  • Ceilings for indoor pools – You might want to replicate the night sky in your indoor pool. The best way to do this is to install LED fixtures in the ceiling of your indoor pool. Additionally, you can also paint your ceiling with radium paints to make them resemble a star studded sky.

  • Size does not matter – It does not have to always mean that the bigger is the better choice. Compact swimming pools have a charm of their own. If your home is not a sprawling villa but a cozy retreat for a tiny family, it would be better to design a pool that is just right for the place, instead of investing unnecessarily in a large installation.
  • Quirky floors for the pool – The water in a private swimming pool is mostly always clear. In many cases, you can clearly see all the way to the floor of the pool. Why not make the best of this situation by adding decorative tiles, or perhaps even incredible painted art to the floor of the pool? If these ideas seem to artsy for you, you can always settle for a pattern of colored tiles to brighten the pool’s floor.
  • Choose the shape of your pool wisely – Rectangle is no longer the norm. If your home is of a more classical design, the traditional pools will do. However, outdoor pools that are designed in the shape of a bean, or a circle or simply in a freeform shape can blend in more easily with the surrounding garden.
  • Weather-friendly pools – Before you sign the deal for a pool, make sure that your choice of a pool is compatible with the weather in the area you live in. Colder climates call for swimming pools with enclosures, so that you can enjoy dipping in for longer periods in spite of the cold weather.
  • Patio around the pool – What if you don’t feel like diving in some day, but you still want to sit by the pool as you sip some tea or wine? For days like these, it is a wise choice to design a mini-patio on one side of the pool.

Be sure to employee an experienced pool building or professional landscaping company for your project. You’ll thank us later!