When considering what air con system is right for them, many people choose ducted air conditioning. This is because it allows them to cool the whole house, with vents in every room that can be switched on or off at will. So they can reduce the cost of running if needed, by closing vents in the bedrooms during the day. And if they have it on throughout the night hours, they can close off the living room and kitchen vents.

While this type of air conditioning is not the most efficient, it is still popular. Why isn’t it considered efficient? That’s because cool or hot air is lost during the transfer from the head to the vents – that is, through the ductwork. This can be mitigated to some extent by using ducting that is made from material that is insulated. This may cost more initially, but it will on running costs over the years and be more eco friendly.

You can also make sure you choose a reliable brand with fittings that are of high quality to get the best wear out of your air con.

With ducted air conditioning there are no external parts; the unit is placed in the ceiling cavity and the ducting runs from that to each room, with the vents usually placed in the ceilings. The grill of each vent contains a filter to ensure air purity. These must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them dust free, otherwise they’ll clog up and prevent the air coming through freely. This will make the unit work harder and cost more to run.

If you live in a dusty climate or a smoggy city, the filters should be cleaned every couple of months, especially in dry weather. To do this, open the grill and let it hang down, then slide the filter off it. It should be carefully washed in warm water and allowed to air dry completely before replacing it. Once the filters has been in use for some time, you’ll probably need to replace them. Have a professional inspect them when they come to clean and inspect the ducting and other components.

Really, the main thing you need for this type of air conditioning is enough room in the ceiling to install it. Some homes with flat roofs may not be able to have a ducted air con. In this case, a multi head split system could be the answer.

While ducted air conditioning is most often fitted to new builds, it can be put into any home where there is enough space in the ceiling cavity.  It may be more difficult to install, an holes will have to be cut into the ceiling of each room, but it can be done.