If you have already engaged a pool builder or have one at your home already, and want to enjoy the benefits of your swimming pool and cut down on the work of cleaning and maintaining the pool, using a pool cleaner like a kreepykrauly is the way to go. Robotic or Automatic pool cleaners work without any more effort than putting them in the pool requires. There are several different types of these pool cleaners and which one you choose depends on the type of pool you have.

Here are some things you’ll needed to know to choose a cleaner suitable for your needs.

  • If your pool is a square or rectangle with sharp corners
  • If you have steps and corners in your pool
  • If the bottom of the pool is tiled or smooth
  • If your pool has curved walls or curved corners rather than sharp angles
  • If your pool base is very smooth
  • If you have lots of leaves or larger leaves fall into the pool
  • Whether your pool is small or large

Naturally enough, your dealer for automated pool cleaners will be able to advise you on the best cleaner for your needs.

Using a robotic cleaner will save you a great deal of time and effort; getting the right one for your needs is an important part of this. The most suitable cleaner for the pool will do the best job of cleaning. For instance, if you have ladders and steps in the pool, a cleaner not suited to these is likely to get trapped by the sharp angles and it won’t be able to complete the work until you free it.

Cleaners that are good for curves are not quite so good with straight sides and sharp angles, so when you choose the best one for your pool you’ll find no problems with the cleaner.

The size of the pool is important too. Choosing a small pool cleaner for a larger pool means it has to work harder to do the job and this is not an environmentally sound practice. Neither is choosing a large machine for a small pool. It is just like any other tool; when you get the right size for the job it takes less power and there is less wear and tear on the tool.

A robotic cleaner can take over most of the work of cleaning the pool as they clean the sides as well as the bottom of the pool. If you had to scrub the sides yourself, it would be a very big job. You will still have to check the water levels and the ph of the pool, check the filters and change them when necessary and ensure the pump is working properly. That is quite enough, without having to scrub the pool as well.