Pool covers or blankets as they are often called have many advantages, yet most people with a pool in their backyard don’t use them. There are two main reasons for this; people don’t like how they look, or they don’t have enough room to install one. Budget may also be important. Most people would prefer an automatic pool cleaner over a blanket.

However, because they are not all that common, many people would not realise just what the advantages of having a pool cover are. Here are the pros and cons of pool covers.


  • If you live in a climate where winter comes early and the sun is often not hot even in summer, using a pool cover will increase the water temperature by around 4 degrees, making your swim much more enjoyable.
  • It saves a great deal on the cost of heating water in a cooler climate.
  • A pool blanket will keep leaves and twigs out of the pool, making it easier to clean and reducing the amount of chlorine needed to get the pH up to scratch.
  • It reduces the consumption of chlorine because UV rays degrade it. But plastic keeps the UV rays off the water.

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