Should You Get a New or Renovated Kitchen?

If your current kitchen has grown old and tired, and you know it’s at the point of needing an update, the big question is: do you remodel your current kitchen, or do you install an entire new kitchen from scratch?

How much money you have to spend will largely determine how far you can go, but in many cases when you engage professional cabinet makers, a new kitchen can come out costing a very similar amount to a re-modelling job. Therefore your decision will likely be based on just how much you think you can salvage from your current kitchen, versus how much you desire a totally fresh new look.

New Kitchen
Building a new kitchen in an existing home means literally tearing out everything that is currently there. This makes it possible to create a perfect kitchen configuration, and perhaps modifying other adjacent areas; such as knocking out walls to make an open living and dining space or adding extensions to the home. A new kitchen then involves resurfacing and replacing the floor, walls, and tiles, as well as new cabinetry and appliances.

Kitchen Renovation
A kitchen remodel can range from the very small, such as replacing cabinets and floors, to much larger jobs where most items are replaced, but not usually including any structural changes. Older kitchens can come to live with a renovation, with modern additions like walk in pantries and more usable eating or preparation areas within the kitchen itself.

Giving your kitchen a refreshing makeover, no matter how far you choose to take it, is sure to add to the appeal and value of your home; but you need to ensure that you do it right. When it comes to building your dream kitchen, carefully consider your options and make sure that you decide on the right path for your needs and budget by discussing it with trusted professionals.