The only way you can profit from your rental is to get it leased out. This means you need to have a home or commercial building that presents well; it must be spick and span, with no apparent faults, and not shabby-looking. So property maintenance is the order of the day as soon as your present lessee calls in a professional removal company such as Brilliance Removalists Perth – and moves out. Of course, you must make essential repairs while tenants are in your rental, but other things can’t be done until it is vacant.

Walls get shabby after a house has been lived in for some years. Cleaning doesn’t always make them look any better. Repainting the interior will make your rental look new again, with more modern colours and that new look and feel. Some homes also need new carpets, floor coverings, curtains, or blinds to make them look like a home.

The fittings could also be upgraded for a small cost, especially taps that leak – and don’t forget that a leaking cistern costs money, so it is likely to turn potential tenants away. Any appliances that look ancient should also be replaced, and if the electric water heater has been in for over a decade, you may want to think of replacing that, too. When you feel what it will cost to replace other components, such as kitchen cupboards and skirting boards and to have the carpet professionally dried out if it breaks down and floods the house, you will understand that replacing it before that happens will save you money.

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