Technology and trends change over time, so how our homes and businesses look today tend to be nothing like they did decades before. And the same can actually be said for landscaping and landscape construction.

The world of landscaping is changing all the time, so in 2021 and beyond, you can expect some of the following innovations:

More Cellphone Technology Integration

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that the only way to control something outside was by physically going up to it. For example, to know what your swimming pool needs and to learn its temperature, you would need to visit it.

Now, all that information is readily available on your smartphone, courtesy of smart technology. Landscaping experts also rely on cellphone apps to help them with landscaping material calculations and working out plant quantities and types for certain property styles.

Battery-Powered Equipment

Fuel-powered landscaping equipment still has its place in gardening and landscaping, but battery-powered equipment is becoming far more popular. It’s lightweight, low-maintenance, and clean. You also can’t deny that it’s better for the environment.

Battery technology is advancing at an incredible rate, which means landscaping teams can get far more time out of a single battery than ever before.

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