When planning kitchen renovations, homeowners will need to make numerous decisions, which they will do in discussion with the cabinet makers who create and install kitchens. These decisions range from what appliances are going to be included to the types of work surfaces and from the cabinet styles to the splashbacks and accessories.

Another crucial decision, and some argue one of the top three in terms of importance, concerns the lighting that a new kitchen is going to have. It is hard to argue against the importance of lighting given that if the lighting is insufficient or not suitable, then the kitchen as a whole will fail to function practically, and its aesthetics may also be compromised.

Of all the lighting choices that have to be made, the lighting under the cabinets should take priority. It plays such an important role in kitchens for several reasons. It is also the case that under cabinet lighting provides several benefits. To help you make those important decisions about lighting, and in particular under cabinet lighting, here are some details, including three of the main benefits of requesting that your cabinet makers install under cabinet lighting in your kitchen.

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